April 2024


April and May Birthdays!

Edwin O 04/02
Michael H 04/06
Willy L 04/07
Tom W 04/07
Susan D 04/13
Jesus Munoz 04/20
John C 04/21
Richard M 04/22
Mike B 04/24
TJ C 04/24
Lloyd G 04/26
Ricky M 04/26
Joe S 04/29
Edgardo M 05/02
Joshua W 05/04
Stanley W 05/12
Tim F 05/14
Steve R 05/11
Frank M 05/14
Dennis Y 05/15
Logan M 05/16
John T 05/20
Braden F 05/20
Fernando S 05/21
Lena M 05/21
Johnny C 05/22



Did Your Earn Your Safety Bonus

Open to all PTI Company Drivers! Are your reaching your monthly performance / safety bonus goal?

Here’s how:

  • 9000 miles or more a month
  • PTI Online Training Assignments
  • 0 Accidents
  • 0 O.O.S Violations
  • 0 citations, moving violations
  • Paperwork – Trip Sheets Complete
  • Truck Appearance – yes it matters!

You could be earning a bonus of $250 or MORE every MONTH!



Do you know how many CSA points you have?

CSA scores are updated monthly. Find out where you rank. Contact the Safety Dept. to check your CSA points! Remember, just 1 failed D.O.T inspection can leave you with CSA points for 24 months!

GOAL: Keep your logbook up to date, conduct the daily pre-trips and turn in mechanical defects to be corrected.




April and May anniversaries!

Terese H 21 Years
Marshall C 15 Years
Wilson G 15 Years
Tom W 13 Years
Omari S 9 Years
Steve G 7 Years
Steve R 6 Years
Rayon A 4 Years
Anton T 4 Years
Jeff B 4 Years
Tim F 3 Years
Crhis A 1 Year
Crhis H 1 Year
Jose B 1 Year


The rule requires carriers to equip trucks with ELDs as of Dec. 18.

“This issue has been legislated, promulgated and litigated. And it is now time to move forward,” ATA President Chris Spear said during his state of the industry address in Orlando at the 2017 American Trucking Associations Management Convention Oct. 21-24. “ELD technology removes one’s ability to exceed the legal hours of service, ushering in a safe, efficient and fair playing field for the nation’s trucking industry.”

“We need interstate recognition of credentials, entry-level training standards for veterans and nonveteran employees, solutions for the impact of detention time and congestion on driver’s hours of service and more,” Spear said. For more info regarding ELD and driver shortage follow the ATA and ---



So what’s with all the changes?

We are using Motive for our ELD and tracking provider, a leading provider in electronic logging and fleet compliance. With 480,000 users we feel confident this change will prove to be the most user friendly, easy to understand ELD app we have seen yet.

This big change in fleet management and compliance will provide us with a new way of managing, monitoring, dispatching, routing and communicating with all of our drivers, and will, in the end, dramatically improve our safety ratings and greatly reduce driver risk of Hours of Service/Logbook violations, putting our drivers safety and compliance as a top priority. All company and logistics trucks will be newly equipped with updated ELD (AOBRD’s), mounted tablets to reduce unsafe driver habits and distracted driving from using handheld devices for electronic logging apps, another new communication feature is our new “push to talk” installed on all of the truck tablets, allowing dispatch or safety dept. to easily communicate with drivers one-on-one or the entire fleet, with the push of a button.

Please see or contact Mike in Security office for instructions on how to use your tablet and Big Road electronic logging device

Mike 352-735-4687 EXT. 149


FFB time

11/25 kicks off another great FFB season!

We always enjoy working with FFB and helping to bring smiles with these special school deliveries. For everyone involved with these loads, know all your efforts help to make a successful, smooth, accident free FFB season! Remember! You are dealing with schools, with some being located on narrow roads or areas not designated for heavy truck traffic. Keep this in mind when making these deliveries! Our goal is always to have 0 incidents or complaints for for these seasonal deliveries. Also, remember you are delivering to schools/students! Be professional and friendly at all times! These kids look forward to seeing you!


A Message from Foliage …

For plant loads, please leave "Cold Curtain" up until trip is ended also please return it to the Foliage dept. Cold Curtains are a small level of protection so please keep 1 door closed when unloading without a dock. Any temperature below 45 degrees could damage plants.

~Peninsula Foliage thanks all drivers for the great job they do throughout the year!~


D.O.T Inspections & CSA points

A message from the Safety Dept…

ALL Drivers: When you receive any level DOT Inspection, it is imperative that you notify the safety department immediately. If you are written up for any mechanical defect and placed out of service, we will need a copy of the roadside repair bill sent or brought in with your inspection report. If you are not placed out of service but have other repairs needing attention, we need copies of those repair invoices as well. We recently had a DOT inspection on Peninsula Logistics, and this was one of the areas we need to make some changes immediately. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - in other words, do your part to inspect, find, and repair defects before the DOT does! Also, while we make this transition to Electronic Logs, you are still required to keep a daily driver log. All logs are reviewed for compliance purposes. All PTI drivers are expected to maintain completed and compliant logs at all times. Logs are to be turned in weekly. GOAL: 0 H.O.S/ Logbook Violations


It’s Time to Winterize

All drivers winterize before you head North, prepare your truck & trailer and fluids for the cold temps!

A message for ALL OTR drivers It is that time of year again that winter and the cold weather will be moving across the country. Freezing temperatures make it imperative that fuel additives are added to both truck and reefer fueling to avoid gelling and freezing fuel lines which can lead to other problems. It is MOST important that these fuel additives are added and ran through all fuel lines prior to entering the freezing temperatures. For example, a common problem each year that occurs with the APU's and the mounted bunk heaters is that fuel additives might have been used, but the driver never turned on the heating unit to run the additive through the lines until after they are in below freezing temperatures! Guess what- too late then - the lines have already frozen and the heater unit will not work because it is not getting fuel. This same scenario can happen to the reefer units and even the trucks if not treated with additives.

Most fuel stations up north will have additives already in the fuel, so the importance is for fuel added down here and then heading up North. On another important note: foliage loads are very susceptible to the cold weather as well, this is why reefer units are set at 65 degrees continuous (not cycled) to help keep them warm, and reefer units turned off and only one door opened during the unloading of plants (this keeps cold air from being drawn into the trailer. Thanks for your help in spreading the word and making this a successful winter season!

Additives …
Start using these additives BEFORE you reach temps below 32 degrees!

Reefer …
Set on continuous to avoid plants freezing

Protect Your APU …
Treat with additives before you go north..

Turn on APU heater prior to getting in cold weather (or your lines could freeze)

Chain Law Rule – Have chains with you in all posted chain law areas.

If you do not feel it is safe to drive contact your dispatcher or safety immediately!


*Chain Laws by State for 2022/2023*

State Dates Range for Carrying Number of Chains Required
California No Dates, just warning signs if driving 8: All drive and 2 outside rear axle tires
(I-70 mm 133 to 259)
Sept. 1st through May 31st 4: All outside drive tires
(All other Highways)
No Dates, just warning signs if driving 4: Only required if driving on roads
Idaho No Dates, just warning signs if driving 5: All Outside drive tires, and 1 rear axle tire
Montana No Dates, just warning signs if driving 8: All drive tires must have chains
Oregon No Dates, just warning signs if driving 6: All drive and 2 outside rear axle tires
Utah No Dates, just warning signs if driving 4: All outside drive tires
(All Mountain pass highways)
Nov. 1st through Mar. 31st 5: All Outside drive tires, and 1 rear axle tire
Wyoming No Dates, just warning signs if driving 4: All outside drive tires

NOTE: Only 2 states require chains to be carried regardless of weather conditions:
Colorado - I-70 (west of Denver) Sept. 1st through May 31st
Washington - (All Mountain pass highways) Nov. 1st through Mar. 31st

All other states- if not posted, or you are not driving on highway when posted, you are not required to carry chains on your vehicle.