Peninsula Trucking, Inc.

Florida's Largest Dedicated LTL Foliage Carrier

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The Peninsula Advantage...


To our customers, it's the knowledge that their product will arrive on time, undamaged, and at a reasonable price without the need for cumbersome (and expensive) boxes.

Peninsula Trucking, Inc. is the largest dedicated less than truckload foliage carrier in Florida, serving the East Coast, the Mid-West and all points in-between with departures from our Central Florida terminal 7 days a week.

Peninsula offers load-to-ride (one "touch" loading) at your grower's nursery or the convenience of having your order picked up and loaded at our spacious, temperature controlled facility.

Peninsula's on-time delivery rate is unsurpassed in the foliage industry with over 95% of our shipments delivered on the right day at the right time. This means you can plan ahead with the knowledge we will be there. ON TIME!!!

The Peninsula Advantage...

To our shippers, it's the fact that their product travels in the finest equipment on the road driven by professionals dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction. All of Peninsula's tractors are late model and our trailers are all customized 53' x102" climate controlled, air ride. Our equipment assures our clients of the timely, intact arrival of even the most delicate freight.

Cargo damage claims are kept to a minimum (LESS THAN 1/4 of 1%) due to our specialized loading techniques, excellent dock crew and our climate controlled, air-ride tractors and trailors.

Finally, to everyone we do business with, the Peninsula Advantage is the knowledge we started as a one truck company in 1982, growing slowly, maintaining our emphasis on personal service and remaining dedicated to improvement.

At Peninsula we're proud and excited to have an opportunity to be your carrier. Take ADVANTAGE of all we have to offer at Peninsula Trucking, Inc..

No Boxes Required!

No packing or unpacking and no hidden costs due to packaging or disposal fees.  Economically, as well as environmentally that's a real advantage.

Our Variable Shelving Advantage

Boxing is never required whether you're shipping cell packs, 8" pots of large palms because of our variable height shelving, but proper sleeving is required. Proper packaging is also required for fragile items such as blooming materials and dish gardens.